Tasks are to-do items. Each task can be assigned to a project and a user. Tasks can be prioritised, labeled, followed, noted and assigned a due date and time.


Assign tasks to projects & organise related to-do items into logical groups. Apply collaborator access rules to each project. Customise each project by applying colour codes to facilitate easier visual management.

Multiple Platforms

Access and manage tasks securely online from the TodoZu cloud with any device using apps for web, iPhone, iPad, Android mobile or tablet.
Click here for details and download references to all TodoZu apps

Collaborate: Share, Assign and Watch Tasks

Invite other TodoZu users to participate in projects and assign tasks to others. Share task changes, notes & attached files. Conveniently ‘watch’ a task and receive notifications when a task is updated.


Assign priority numbers and colour-codes to any task to assist in visually identifying more important to-do items. Tasks can also be sorted and filtered by priority.


Comment or add other details using the task notes feature.

Attach Files

Attach files to tasks for quick, convenient reference and sharing from your local drive.
*Upload files from Google Docs or DropBox coming soon.

Due Dates

Schedule once-off or recurring due dates and times for any task from an easy to use date-time schedule menu. Sort and filter tasks by due date.


Assign any number of task reminders. Choose to get notified by email and/or mobile app at a convenient configurable time before the task is due.


Filter tasks using one of the many pre-configured filters. Tasks can be filtered by priority, due date, favourite, creator, label, follow-status, files or notes attached … and more.


TodoZu pushes notifications by email or mobile app when a task is assigned to you or a task in your ‘watch-list’ is updated.

Real-time Sync

Do you use a laptop, mobile AND tablet? TodoZu tasks updated on any device ^automatically synchronises to all your devices, real-time. Maintain flexibility and increase efficiency with the TodoZu cloud sync feature.

^Requires active internet connection

Online & Offline

TodoZu works in both online and offline modes allowing users flexibility to access and update tasks when no internet connectivity is available e.g. trains, aeroplanes and boats. Task lists are synchronised to the TodoZu cloud and all connected user devices once an internet connection is available again.


Sort tasks by title, due date, creation date, recently updated, project, assigned user, label, priority, task status and more.

Watch Tasks

Watch tasks that may not be assigned to you and get notified when the task is updated. This feature is useful for users wanting to be kept up to date with progress of to-do items when they are not assigned that task e.g. comments from users, new file attachments or updated completion status. Tasks may be sorted and filtered by watch-status.

Favourite Tasks

Add any task to your favourites list with a single click. Conveniently collect, sort, filter and find tasks by favourites.

Data Backup

Your data is automatically backed-up by TodoZu at regular intervals.

SSL Secure

Data transmitted across the TodoZu network uses secure SSL connection ensuring communications are protected by leading industry protocols and methods.


Break larger tasks into smaller sub tasks and facilitate easier to-do list visibility, collaboration and management.


Break larger projects into smaller sub projects to increase visibility & help manage grouped tasks more effectively.

*Record Voice Files

Record personalised voice messages and attach to tasks as audio files.


Using the ‘mention’ tag (@username) in task notes, users may tag other users into a task. ‘Mentioned’ users are notified immediately and that task is added to the mentioned-users task watch list to allow any ongoing future update notifications to be sent automatically. Users can configure mention-to-watch list rules via the Settings menu.

*Email Reply Task Update

Task updates can be sent to users by email. Users can simply reply to a notification email and automatically update the task note in the TodoZu cloud. No need for any direct platform login! Fast, efficient, quick & easy with all push notifications, according to user preferences, managed automatically by TodoZu.

*Gmail ‘Add Task’

Are you using your Inbox as a to-do list? Sound familiar? 😉 Convert an email into a task with a single click directly from within Gmail. The created task will carry a ‘hook’ back to the related email so that it can be conveniently accessed directly from the TodoZu task.


TodoZu is currently available in English. More languages coming soon. Click here and subscribe to our email newsletter for updates on this feature

*Export Data

Export your up-to-date TodoZu data at any time to a .CSV file format using the export data feature.

Pro Features

Users per Project

Invite and collaborate with unlimited users per project.

Custom Filters

TodoZu is preconfigured with a number of useful filters. However, we understand that customisation is inevitable for the discerned user. Create your own custom task filters to refine and personalise task sorting, filtering and management.

Central User & Billing Admin

This Pro feature allows users to centrally administer and manage multiple user accounts and related billing details. This feature is suited to businesses looking to purchase licenses for multiple employees as well as families or individuals wanting to administer and be billed for other users from a single account.


Find any task with a quick and easy keyword search. Tasks of both active AND completed status are analysed by TodoZu and presented in the search results.


Add one or multiple colour-coded labels to a task to conveniently tag, group, sort and search for related tasks.

*Duplicate Tasks

Clone tasks conveniently with a single click. Choose to duplicate all task fields including title, notes or attached files. No more copy-pasting recurring similar tasks!

*Calendar Sync

Automatically synchronise tasks with your nominated calendar using the TodoZu iCal export feature. TodoZu tasks with a due date assigned will appear as read-only items in your calendar.


Pro users enjoy access to an extensive number of application themes to customise their TodoZu experience.

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