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It's About TIME!

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What is TodoZu?

TodoZu [too-do-zoo] is a cloud-based, task management platform ​to increase efficiency ​and save you time. 

​TodoZu organises all things work, life & play​ into manageable tasks ​accessible via a ​synchronised​ cloud ​application ​from any device, any time, anywhere.

​'TIME' - the true global currency - is increasingly more valuable ​& unlike other currencies, ​it is constantly lost ​& can never be regaine |  TodoZu ... It's About Time!

​Task & Project​


​Feature rich, beautiful task & ​project collaboration software.

​Cloud Collaboration​

Multi user platform with integrated email and push notifications.

​Multi Device

​Real-time Sync

​Web, Android & iOS applications synchronized real-time ​to multiple devices & users.

Apps for Web, Mobile & Tablet​

​​With a focus on clean design, ease-of-use and simplicity, TodoZu is available in multiple application formats including web, mobile and tablet all with full ​access ​to ​the feature-rich cloud platform | ​see all features.

What Our Customers Are Saying

What do ​our Alpha Partners ​think of TodoZu?

​​We currently employ 110 staff globally with offices in Australia, UK, Sweden, USA and India all of whom will benefit from this amazing platform. TodoZu will help us to collaborate more efficiently across multiple territories and we look forward to exploring the opportunity further with this dynamic team.


​​Chris Dutton

​​​Founder & CEO, The CEO Magazine

​Having used some ‘comparative’ software in this genre, TodoZu is in a different league - by far and away one of the best software in this space that I have seen. From the intuitive interface design, through to speed, feature-set and overall user experience, TodoZu is software that we will use within our business to ensure the effective use of our staff’s time.


​Enguerrand Vidor

​​Founder & CEO, Leezair.com

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