Apps for Web, Mobile & Tablet

​TodoZu​ is designed with the modern world in-mind. ​Our lifestyles have changed – exclusive work and play are no longer ​ decoupled. We work and play from home. Many work remotely where daily contact with people has been reduced with the need to rely on an efficient system to collaborate and communicate being more important than ever. We are always on ​and have less time to do more. Our time is more valuable than ever before.

TodoZu is all about TIME. Our mission is to help you to achieve and succeed by making available our easy-to-use, feature-rich technology so that you can better manage daily tasks & related collaboration engagement activities.

Web App

The TodoZu web app is designed for the power-tasker. The optimised full-screen, 3-column layout allows for all task attributes to be quickly viewed without drilling down or sideways into each task – just click ​to view, mark as complete, edit or add ​comments.

Mobile Apps

Always-on ​& always on you, ​the mobile​ device is an integral extension of our everyday life ​in almost everything we do. TodoZu’s Android and iOS applications are feature-rich and carefully designed to ​be a natural extension of the web ​environment. Simply unplug and continue on-the-go with all project and task ​data synchronised across all devices, to all users in real-time.

Tablet Apps

TodoZu is available as a tablet optimised application for both Android and iOS devices rendering the app perfectly in both 2-column portrait and 3-column landscape ​views.


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