TodoZu is inspired and ​designed to seamlessly ​integrate into the new modern ​paradigm of work-life complexity and to add value by bringing organisation and control to a world that can often seem like ​unmanageable chaos.

With a focus on clean design, ease-of-use and simplicity, TodoZu is available in multiple application formats including web, mobile and tablet all with full ​access ​to ​the feature-rich TodoZu cloud platform.

Board View

TodoZu's Kanban boards allow for workflow visualisation at various stages of a defined phased process by using 'task-cards' to represent work items and lanes (columns / sections) to represent each stage of the process. Visualising workflow and tasks on a board view helps to better understand processes and gain an overview of workload allowing you to quickly identify & improve problematic work stages.

Calendar View

Assign multiple configurable task reminders & get notified by email or push notification.

Comment by Email Reply

Simply reply to task emails to update specific task comments. Quick, easy & secure – this is a fast and efficient alternate way to update task comments in TodoZu.


Assign multiple configurable task reminders & get notified by email or push notification and / or set reminders for other project users.

Custom Filters

Filter tasks using one of the many pre-configured standard filters or create and save your own custom filters using the easy-to-use, intuitive custom filter builder

e.g. Show me task that are … due this week, in Project X & Y, created by me, with a priority of 1 or 2, have the tag 'finance' and that are assigned to Joe Bloggs or John Doe.


Assign colour coded priority levels to help sort & focus on more important tasks.

Task Comments

Add unlimited task comments. Project users are updated by email and / or push notification of new comments added.

File Attachments

Attach files to tasks for quick and convenient reference and sharing.


Create and add unlimited colour-coded task tags to conveniently group, sort and search for related tasks by tag.

Online / offline

Use TodoZu in both online or offline modes – especially useful for when no internet access is available.


Search for active or completed tasks using dynamic task title keyword search.

Recurring Tasks

Create tasks that recur at regular intervals using the advanced and highly configurable TodoZu recurring rule feature.

Activity Log

Quickly and conveniently view and access all your TodoZu activities using the Activity Log tracker.

More Features

… but wait, there's more!


Quickly add tasks to your

favourites list.

Duplicate Tasks

​​​Duplicate tasks conveniently with the click of a button.

Watch Tasks

Follow tasks and get real-time, detailed notifications of all related task updates.


Get notified of specific task ​updates by email and / or push notification.

Due Dates

Create task due dates. Set absolute or relative date & time reminders.

Cloud Sync

Automatic & real-time sync of all data to all user accounts.


Secure transmission ensuring integrity & protection of all data.


Sort tasks by due date, assignee, priority, task status and more (coming soon).

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